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"War and Decision, Douglas Feith's highly praised and revealing New York Times and Washington Post bestseller, is now being published in paperback. The only insider account of the Bush Administration's controversial decisions in the post-9/11 era, it offers valuable lessons on foreign policy and decision-making as a new administration takes office..."


Praise for War and Decision


“For anyone seriously interested in the decisions prior to and during the Iraq War, War and Decision is a must-read book. It is the first from within the Department of Defense, and Feith provides careful documentation rather than just freewheeling opinions. He explodes many of the journalistic and political myths that have become widely accepted." — James Schlesinger



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"In the past several years, countless media stories have suggested that Rumsfeld and the 'neocons' mysteriously or conspiratorially achieved sway over the president. Defense officials did have influence, but this owed much to a mode of operation that was the opposite of conspiracy: We created a transparent record of the facts and reasoning we used to support our proposals. Bush often complimented Rumsfeld’s memos, which addressed him at the level on which he liked to operate—that of strategy, not tactics. They were analytical and mercilessly edited, giving the results of much thought in few words. And they showed confidence that the ideas they contained, when reduced to print on a page, could retain potency and withstand scrutiny over time, unlike arguments that derive their force from the personality of the advocate."

About the Book


Douglas J. Feith was serving as head of the Pentagon's Policy organization when the U.S. experienced the attacks of 9/11.


War and Decision is his account - the first by a Pentagon insider - of the Bush administration's response to the challenge of terrorism.


War and Decision offers an account that differs dramatically from the prevailing narrative, especially regarding the war in Iraq. Feith bases his account on the actual documentation of issues, debates and decisions, as cited in the endnotes to the book.


Many of the cited documents and illustrative materials may be accessed through this website. To browse the endnotes, click on Citations by Chapter. For illustrative materials, see Timelines, Maps, and Charts.



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DF: What the jihadist threat represents, and what 9/11 drove home, is that people who could just bypass our military can come in, in relatively small numbers, and do something as absolutely mind-boggling as destroy the World Trade Center towers, both of them, knock them down, destroy the west side of the Pentagon. And what we were concerned about in the days right after 9/11 is what are the other follow-on attacks that might occur? And what would be the effect on American society if there had been a series of them? It doesn’t take enormously large numbers on the part of the jihadists to pull this off...


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