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Government Documents




Brief Title


AfghanistanFeithAfghanistan Strategy10/11/2001
AfghanistanOUSDPU.S. Role in Gardez Situation5/6/2002
Coalition Provisional Administration (CPA)WolfowitzAuthority of CPA6/16/2003
Coalition Provisional Administration (CPA)BremerUpdate briefing5/29/2003
Coalition Provisional Administration (CPA)BremerMeeting with Iraqi Leadership6/2/2003
CounterterrorismRumsfeldCountering Terrorist Ideology7/30/2004
De-BaathificationBremerCPA Order 15/16/2003 
De-BaathificationCPAImplementation of De-Baathification5/16/2003
Free Iraqi Force (FIF)RodmanRead-ahead on Training Iraqi Opposition4/12/2002
Iraq Policy ConsiderationsRumsfeldIraq7/27/2001
Iraq Policy ConsiderationsOUSDPPossible Contingencies12/9/2002
Iraq Policy ConsiderationsOUSDPThe Case for Action9/12/2002
Iraq Policy ConsiderationsRumsfeldU.N. Inspections of Iraq10/14/2002
Iraq-al Qaida RelationshipOUSDPLinks Between Al Qaida and Iraq2/21/2002
Iraqi ArmyCPAPress Release: Good News 6/23/2003
Iraqi ArmyFeithIraqi Security Force6/27/2003
Iraqi ArmyCPAPayments to Iraq's military6/23/2003
Iraqi ArmyDODBriefing:  Rebuilding the Iraqi Military1/21/2003
Iraqi Interim Authority (IIA)OUSDPIIA Action Plan4/3/2003 
Iraqi Interim Authority (IIA)OUSDPIIA Implementation Plan4/29/2003
Iraqi Interim Authority (IIA)OUSDPIIA Structure and Implementation3/28/2003
Iraqi Political TransitionStraubCPA Governance Plans  6/2/2003
Iraqi Political TransitionOUSDPComment on State Papers7/28/2002
Iraqi Political TransitionBremerPolitical Consultation with Iraqis 6/20/2003
Iraqi Political TransitionLutiStatus of Iraqi Political Process6/27/2003
Iraqi Political TransitionOUSDWhat we want from Iraqi opposition conference1/13/2003
Maintaining Public Order Summary of Public Order Plan, Phase 1n.d.
ORHA (Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance)ORHABriefing: Inter-Agency conference2/21-22, 2003
OSP (Office of Special Plans)OUSDP/NESAExpansion for War on Terrorism2/5/2004
WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)DODDeclaratory Policy on WMDAugust 2002?
WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)CIANIE on Iraq's WMD Programs10/2002
WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)National Intelligence CouncilIraq's WMD Programs7/2002



Other Documents



Iraqi Political TransitionConference of Iraqi OppositionFuture of Iraq study: Transition to Democracy11/2002
WMDCSISDark Winter Bioterrorism Simulation Report6/2001
WMDCSIS Graphic: Effects of Smallpox 6/2001
WMDUNUNMOVIC Report on Iraq's Declaration2/28/2003